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How to do the full automatic labeling machine leakage label?

Time:2020-01-02 Views:639
      Intelligent times, automatic labeling machine labeling speed is faster, the current bogao logo double side labeling machine can paste 300 products a minute, the average of a second up to 5 products, will there be a missing labeling situation? What if I miss it?
      In fact, fully automatic labeling machine is now very mature, miss the situation of labeling is very few, if really missed. It can be handled in the following ways:
      1. Manual detection intervention
      Adopt artificial method, discover the product of leak stick, choose out, put again stick a label machine to carry on marking.
      2. Use labeling machine to detect and eliminate
      At the back end of the labeling machine, a set of detecting missed labeling and removing device is added. The labeled product passes through the testing institution. When the product is detected to be unlabeled, it will be quickly removed, and then the removed product will be placed on the labeling machine for labeling.
      This is a practical cost-effective scheme at present. For some high-precision products that need a higher level of detection, visual detection system and traceability system can be added.
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