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How to maintain the print head of automatic printing labeling machine?

Time:2019-12-31 Views:643
      Automatic printing labeling machine is a automatic packaging production line after the period of the most commonly used equipment, is one of the devices used very frequently, because each product require labeling, and print labeling machine in addition to the mechanical arm need pay attention to maintenance, and print the core part of its need to do maintenance, using the way of using can greatly improve its service life, reduce costs, improve efficiency, benefit is very obvious.
      The picture shows the printing and labeling part at the core of the printing and labeling machine:
      The print head is the most fragile part of the printer. Like a car, it is a piece of wear and tear that will eventually break down, but constant attention to maintenance will extend the life of the print head.
      For best use, clean the print head once per roll of ribbon or thermal paper. When cleaning the print head, take off the ring to avoid scratching the print head, and use an earthing metal belt or antistatic pad to prevent static from damaging the print head.
      Can be dipped in 70% alcohol cotton swab, first turn off the printing label electromechanical source and open the print head, with a small amount of cotton cloth in the printer mechanical part of the brush, or gently blow away the dust (such as: roller, paper/ribbon sensor and print head). Do not use any hard metal or fraying tool (such as a screwdriver) to scuff the print head‘s contaminants.
      Press the cotton swab with alcohol on the print head and rub from head to toe. Then rotate the roller and rub with it while turning. If the swab is dirty, do not use it again.
      Factors causing premature damage of print head:
      1. Scratch -- the long-term movement of the label/ribbon through the print head will wear away the protective layer of the ceramic coating, exposing the print head pin (point) and eventually damaging it. To avoid chafing, it is important to clean the print head regularly and use high quality smooth thermal transfer carbon tape with film backing to reduce friction. Minimize print head pressure and print temperature. Make sure the carbon band is wider than the label to prevent the exposed print head from being scratched by the label.
      Second, carbon belt back layer caused by dirty - print head by thermal paper and thermal transfer carbon belt pollution will need high temperature, high pressure, high speed and other Settings. The accumulation of pollutants on the print head leads to heat transfer obstacles that affect the print image quality. Increased contamination gradually degrades the print quality and makes it look dull or damage the print needle. Contaminants and make it difficult to clean wet swabs.
      Three, in order to avoid the belt back layer dirty, should pay attention to: need to use the thermal transfer carbon belt with back layer protection, the color belt should refer to the non-viscous carbon belt, with electrostatic and more lubrication. Do print head maintenance regularly. The use of protective print head film can quickly and easily remove the waste accumulation of print head.
      The above is about the maintenance of the print head of the printing labeling machine. I hope it can help customers who normally use our equipment, and also serve as the maintenance code of the printing labeling machine for on-site operation staff.
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