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Shenzhen automatic labeling machine structure classification have what parts?

Time:2019-12-11 Views:1666
In this era of information all over the sky flies, all kinds of production is constant, and these different products are made with certain tags, such as clothing, or shoes, or food, in many, are these can see is a lot in our daily life, so we have been recognized, but in the face of some mechanical or metal parts, you must be don‘t know, this time we are about to see its label, you only know label important, but you know what is the use of mechanical equipment processing?
There are many kinds of labeling machines in the packaging equipment industry. If it is classified into two categories, I think there are two categories. One class is the printing labeling machine class (that is, while printing and labeling machine). If according to the degree of automation, it is divided into automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, manual class. According to the labeling material classification paste labeling machine, hot melt adhesive labeling machine, adhesive labeling machine and so on; Despite the variety, they share the same core mechanism, so let‘s take a look at the basic structure of the labeler.
1. Labeling head mechanism
Release mechanism: it can realize the placement and release of labeled volume. From the rigidity of the unwinding mechanism, rotation smoothness, brake reliability to balance the most. The equipment is mainly used in adhesive labeling machine volume label placement.
Brake buffer: this mechanism is connected to a spring and can swing back and forth. During the process of label traction, it is used for tension to keep the material in contact with each roller and prevent the material from breaking.
Traction drum: used for guiding and positioning of roll label.
Traction mechanism: provides the power to pull the label. From the traction adjustment convenience, traction skidding, the convenience of the label to balance the three aspects.
Rewinding mechanism: recycling of label backing paper can be realized. From the rewinding mechanism rewinding reliability, rewinding life to balance the most.
Label stripping mechanism: it can realize the smooth stripping of label and label backing paper. Stripping from the label mechanism to peel the smoothness, around the label convenience, stripping the label adjustment convenience three aspects to balance the most.
Second, adjust the mechanism
The front and back, left and right, up and down, tilt adjustment of the head can be realized. It is measured by adjusting the size of reverse clearance, adjusting rigidity and adjusting convenience.
Adjustment seat: used to adjust the front, back, left, right and inclination of the whole label head.
Up and down adjusting lever: used for up and down adjusting the whole head;
Front and rear adjusting lever: used for front and rear adjustment of both sides of the conveyor belt of the whole head.
Conveying mechanism
Automatic transmission of products can be realized: the products are sent to the labeling position, and the labeled objects are sent away automatically after labeling. . Mainly used for automatic labeling machine.
1. Replacer: it is used to provide pressure to make the label and product stick more firmly.
2. Guiding mechanism: in the process of product transportation, it is used to guide and correct products to prevent the left and right deviation of products in the process of transportation.
3. Electrical box: it is used to place the electronic control line of the labeling machine and support the whole labeling mechanism.
4. Automatic feeding mechanism: it can store part of the pasted material, and can realize the automatic supply of the pasted material. It does not need to put it manually one by one.
5. Electronic control system
Four, PLC controller
It is used to control the operation of each electrical appliance of the whole labeling machine. Its working principle: the external signal (generally the measuring signal or foot signal) is input to the control center (generally PLC), the control center after analysis and processing, the control signal, control motor rotation to turn the traction mechanism, so as to achieve the traction of the label paper, label sent out and adhere to the surface to be attached.
Five, measure the object electric eye
It is used for detecting labels and sending a stop signal to the labeling machine after sending a label.
Vi. Electric eye of measuring mark
It is used to detect the labeled product and give the labeling signal to the labeling machine when the product arrives.
Traction motor
It is used to drive the traction shaft of the labeling machine to provide traction label power;
Conveying motor
It is used to drive the conveyor belt of labeling machine and provide the power for product transmission
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