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What are the advantages of PLC control in automatic labeling machine?

Time:2019-12-09 Views:701
      Labeling machine has been very popular, to the majority of users have brought convenient production. The control system of labeling machine is mostly controlled by PLC. PC (Programmable Controller), also known as PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) Programmable logic Controller, PLC is a new industrial device based on microprocessor with high integration, which is a product combining computer and industrial technology.
      PLC adopts computer structure, including CPU, accessor, input and output module, communication interface and module, programmer and power supply 6 parts. The bus structure is adopted in PLC for data and instruction transmission. All kinds of external switch signals, analog signals, and all kinds of signals detected by sensors are PLC input. They are input into internal registers through the external input of PLC, and sent to the output end of PLC for various logical operations or other operations, thus providing various controls for field equipment.
      PLC has the logic operation, timing, counting and other functions, but also has digital computing, simulation, control, monitoring, recording, computer interface, data transmission function, but also to interrupt control, intelligent control, process control, remote control, can communicate with the upper machine up and down to the direct control of production equipment, can be directly by the lower PLC to control the actuator.
      The automatic labeling machine is controlled by PLC, which can better solve the problems of reliability, safety, economy, flexibility and economy of the labeling machine. For the application of automatic labeling machine, every machine or every application is not the same, based on the development and debugging on the PLC is very convenient, effective, so the basic use of the PLC system, not the single-chip microcomputer system. PLC of different manufacturer has same working principle, similar function and index, have certain interchangeability, quality has assurance, programming software is moving toward standardization direction. But the single chip microcomputer application system is the function is extremely different, the quality is uneven, the study, the use and the maintenance are very difficult, for the non-quantization application case is not desirable.
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