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What causes the label machine suction head suction label?

Time:2019-12-20 Views:685
       Labeling machine suction header (scale) are generally planar with holes, is internal vacuum adsorption device, in the process of custom labeling machine, we will encounter such a problem, more or less have a plenty of new, have plenty of time to use for a long time of machinery and equipment, new equipment may be commonly when appear this kind of phenomenon in the design of the defect or debugging is not in place, but the normal use of the machine, appear this kind of problem, is about to see what causes not suction head tag labeling machine? Failure can be determined from the following two points.
      (a) label directly drop, suction head no suction
      1. Check whether there is something blocked in the tracheal of the labeling machine; if the muffler is blocked, there will be no suction;
      2. The height of the peeling board sponge may be too high. The sponge is higher than the peeling board.
      3. Whether the blowing of labeling machine is closed and whether the blowing Angle is correct. The label is too small. Turn down the blow.
      (2) the label of the labeling machine is hanging:
      1. If the label is too long, adjust the labeling machine to mark the label length.
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