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What is the reason that causes self-adhesive label of automatic labeling machine to pull to break?

Time:2019-12-07 Views:699
      In the use of automatic labeling machine, often will encounter adhesive label pull off the situation, the following by bo gao logo small make up simple to teach you how to identify adhesive label pull off the reason:
      Edge of 1.
      Master more information is conducive to the work, adhesive label in die cutting processing into products, will generally leave the bottom paper than the label wider, this is in order to label in the customer is conducive to stripping the label, will not waste time. In the process of label transport and transfer, it is easy to crack the bottom of the label margin to form small cracks. Automatic labeling machine in labeling have a certain amount of tension, the bottom of the paper edge of the label with a tear is easy to be pulled, resulting in labeling broken belt. In addition, the improper adjustment of the roller on the labeling machine resulted in the condition that the bottom paper of the roller fracturing label edge formed the labeling broken belt. Generally by the roller pressing the bottom of the paper formed by the label broken, the bottom of the tear more regular.
      2. Tight formation
      If label rewinding is too tight can form adhesive in adhesive is extruded lead to ooze glue, oozy glue will stick to the back of bottom paper make whole label is not easy to loosen. This is especially true in summer. If label compares the tensile strength of narrow bottom paper on unit area won‘t be too big. Automatic labeling machine in the labeling process is a certain tension. In the labeling process, it is likely that the bottom paper with the label removed will be pulled off under the effect of the tension of the labeling machine and the tension from the inside of the roll body to form the labeling break band. This kind of condition forms the label break belt, because is the pull pull to break so the bottom paper crack without rules, but the crack surface is relatively neat.
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