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What is the relationship between machine vision automatic labeling machine and product traceability?

Time:2020-05-30 Views:436
      Last time we talked about the visual inspection effect of automatic labeling machine. This time we will talk about the relationship between product traceability and vision.
      There are a lot of people do not understand what is traceability, traceability has what use. In fact, in life there is a daily operation of the traceability system is also accessible to everyone, that is the express delivery logistics industry. How to explain this system, we need to start from the source, which is the meaning of product traceability.
Automatic labeling machine
      When we go shopping on taobao to select and buy products, merchants will pack the goods for express delivery. Generally speaking, we don‘t pay much attention to the details. The traceability system is already on at this point, so we can describe it more clearly.
      After the product is packed, the merchant will use a fully automatic labeling machine to attach the product label (express bill), which shows the product information
      Merchants upload the tracking number to the platform, which is responsible for feedback on the logistics status of the products purchased by consumers.
      The couriers collect the packages at the door and distribute the goods after returning to the station. Then scan the code to enter the single number.
      After the goods are transported, a scan code will be recorded at each station to provide feedback on the location of the consumer goods.
      Finally, the Courier delivers the goods to the consumers, and the whole process ends here. Logistics is a good example. Logistics express gives exclusive and unique barcode to the goods, and manages and registers the express goods by means of visual scanning. It is required to scan and enter the express products without going through a city site until the final consumers. Once it comes to missing inspection after losing the package, consumers or merchants can hold the express company accountable by checking the logistics information, check the status of the package at the site, and accurately search for the package, determine the responsibility and assign the responsibility if it is missing.
      Logistics industry is already using a traceability system is very good and clear, and of course a lot of our life are common, especially the beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, wine, etc., the biggest benefit of traceability system is effective for raw materials, production, sales and transportation for unified management, can check for event tracking is a little bit, is advantageous to the enterprise management, to a great extent, can the enterprise management costs.
      The management of traceability system will also need a auxiliary tool is let‘s say the machine vision labeling machine, machine vision labeling machine can help enterprise production environment for the product fast input analysis and recognition, for example, such as a bar code entry, fedex qr code information of a product can be done by machine vision such as labeling machine and rapid classification, input, analysis, rejecting. The traditional manual input takes too much time, and the accuracy is low.
      Therefore, the machine vision automatic labeling machine and product traceability have always been complementary to each other, and the cooperative completion of the enterprise‘s production cycle and management has been a good guarantee.
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